The European Network of Quitlines Central and Eastern European Conference
European Network of Quitlines 10th Anniversary Conference
ENQ Annual Conference Prague – 26th and 27th October 2009
CEER Capacity Building and Social Exclusion Training Programme in Budapest
ENQ Conference in Paris 29th-30th January 2009
Results of the European Smoking Cessation Helplines Evaluation Project (ESCHER)
Presentations from ENQ Conference Amsterdam 29 & 30 September 2008
European Network of Quitlines Social Exclusion Training Seminar
Agenda -CEER Capacity Building
Presentations from the Rome ENQ Conference 10th/11th December 2007
Guidelines to Best Practice for Smoking Cessation Websites
Impact of Quitline Telephone Numbers on Cigarette Packets
Evaluation Tool for Smoking Cessation Websites
The European Smokefree Quitter of the Year 2009 Stories
Quit Loony lungs video
Hungarian Quitline Officially launched – 25th November 2009
Tried and tested stop smoking
ENQ Inventory
Social Exclusion Resource
Former Italian Minister of Health Wins European Smokefree
Nottingham Pair Win European Smokefree Supporter Award 2008
CZECH finalist wins European Smokefree Quitter award 2008

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