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21 May 2010

European Network of Quitlines 10th Anniversary Conference

Lisbon, Portugal 6th and 7th May 2010

The 10th Anniversary Conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal on the 6th and 7th of May 2010.

Since its inception in 2000, ENQ has grown from 6 to 30 member Quitlines across Europe. The conference was a celebration of this and also focused on the future of practical and behavioural approaches in smoking cessation and tobacco control.

The full agenda and speaker presentations are available for download below.

Click here to download the agenda.

Presentations: Day 1


Dr. Jose Aleixo Dias :

Pfizer Opening Speech

Professor Robert West

What does it take to be an effective stop smoking specialist?

Dr. Peter Vajer :

Establishing and running a new Quitline in Hungary

Stelios Stylianou :

A quick flashback on the Quitline service in Cyprus

Brenda Flannery :

The National Smoker's Quitline and Tobacco Control in Ireland

Jennifer Percival :

How to engage Health Professionals: Obstacles, Challenges and Successes

Presentations: Day 2

Professor Hans Gilljam :

Smokefree Operations

Paulo Vitoria :

How behavior influences behavior

Kawaldip Sehmi :

Asia Pacific Network Summary and WHO FCTC Article 14 Update

Professor Fernando de Pdua :

Conference Address

Amit Chanda :

Social media and its utilisation in Quitlines

Vilia Velikova :

The Bulgarian journey to freedom from tobacco smoking

Magdalena Cedzyńska : Cigarettes eat you alive
Lus Saboga Nunes : Smoking Strategies and GPs
Mirek Zmeskal : The Czech Experience
Dolors Marin : World No Tobacco Day 2010 and Women

For any further information please email Andrew Stripp on a.stripp@quit.org.uk